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Original Gameboy refurbished & upgraded with a clear frosted aftermarket case, pale yellow LED backlight, bivert mod (increases screen contrast) and premium "no-scratch" glass screen cover. LCD screen has a minor blemish from polarized film installation, does not affect image quality during gameplay. Battery cover has a small visual defect (small cloudy area where snap clip attaches) GAME, BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED


Nintendo Gameboy - Backlight & Case Modded

  • Brand/Seller: Arkadeum
  • Product ID: cETb0nNymPVubEhS
  • Availability: OUT OF STOCK
  • 139,071 TROLL $95 USD

This item is currently sold out. We don't know if or when this item will be back.

Tags: nintendo, gameboy, original, mod, led, bivert