About the Troll Store

TC Owner Karl Wickman
Karl Wickman

The first time I found Twitch, I thought, this is ridiculous, why would anyone watch someone ELSE play video games? That quickly flipped to excitement & a new addiction. Live streaming! Never before had I experienced such interactivity on both sides of the camera.

Twitch chat is the heart of every live stream and with the advent of chat bots I got an idea, why not use Twitch chat as a medium of transferring points of value between users? Some points bots already existed, but they didn't carry any real value and simply accrued points the viewer could only look at to show their loyalty. What if you could send points freely, from one user to another, from viewer to broadcaster and vice versa, treating the points as real cash instead of one way points. And what if those points had some actual real world value?

My search deepened, I came across a new digital money called Bitcoin, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities, then dove into "altcoins" and in February 2014, I found Trollcoin.

By that time, trolling was already rampant on Twitch, the choice was easy. I took over development of the Trollcoin blockchain project and now had to figure out a way to get it onto Twitch.

I’m still not sure why BitOBytes agreed to begin work developing my crypto powered chat bot. But 4 years, thousands of hours of work, an incalculable amount of Andy Capp's Hot Fries and a beautiful friendship later he had created not just what I dreamed up back in 2014, but an entire digital Trollcoin based financial ecosystem built around Twitch, Twitter & this store you are visiting.

So, what is the Troll Store?

store.trollcoin.com is an ever growing e-commerce shop, merchant marketplace and one part of our community platform for Twitch, Twitter & Trollcoin users around the world. Launched in 2018, our main focus is to provide you a secure place to spend your Trollcoin on items you want.

Why shop store.trollcoin.com?

  • Put those Trolls to work, support the Trollcoin economy & our merchants.
  • Competitive, often below market prices on video games, consoles, apparel, exclusive event access passes and gear from our partner merchants you love to watch on Twitch and so much more.
  • The convenience of using your Twitch & Twitter Trollcoin balance integrated into the checkout process for quick & easy shopping.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! We do not release payment to our partner merchants until you receive your stuff, and help is fast & friendly via support@trollcoin.com and our shop support section at forum.trollcoin.com